Burn Brae Lodge Care Home

Biomass Boiler Installation & Heating Upgrade


We were employed to design and install a new biomass heating facility to replace the ageing and expensive oil fired heating boilers.

We designed a purpose made plant room to house all of the biomass equipment and utilised the existing plant room to house the LPG back up boiler, DHW cylinder and MCWS booster and tank.


  • Gilles HPK-RA 120kw wood pellet heating facility.
  • Fuel store Gilles GP25 pellet box.
  • Akvaterm 2500 litre buffer vessel.
  • Remeha Quinta Pro 115kw back up LPG boiler.


Return on Investment

  • Total Saving over 28 sec oil = £335,620 Over 20 yrs
  • Total RHI income = £378,411 Over 20 yrs

Burn Brae Lodge Care Home

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